Fatima, May 13, 1917


I was born in Azores, a cluster of nine Portuguese islands in the North Atlantic, and went to the mainland at age 19, in 1973, to serve in the Portuguese Air Force. I visited Fatima in June of 1975, served there the altar at one mass and prayed at the apparitions’ site. I had also the pleasure to meet recently an American senior citizen who befriended and visited regularly Sister Lucia. The Holy Spirit has moved me today to write about Our Lady of Fatima and the meaning of her message then and now. May 13, 1917 dates the first apparition of the Blessed Mother in Fatima, Portugal, and this article’s video presents the first apparition and its backdrop. Then, she appeared regularly to the little shepherds till her last apparition on October 13, 1917.

Her message was Prayer and Conversion, which are necessary today as they were in 1917. The Virgin Mary informed the end or WWI, but if humanity did not pray and convert a major war would follow. Mankind was mostly mute to Our Celestial Mother’s advice and therefore the Almighty Father chastised Humanity with WWII. There are still some American soldiers and survivors of Nazi concentration camps who can attest to our generation of Christ’s Second Coming about the atrocities and horrors of WWII. I had today the goose bumps when the Spirit of God led me to write about Fatima. Is WWIII or another major chastisement on the near horizon? There are currently major conflicts around the world and EVIL Secularism has spiritually paralyzed most Mankind.

The Blessed Mother has never communicated with me, but the Holy Spirit addressed me as I reported in the article Dialogue with the Holy Spirit. I’m presenting below two excerpts of the article.

“I want you to draw people to Me. The Holy Trinity is grooming you through Suffering for a noble mission in the Roman Catholic Church … Manuel, I am the Holy Spirit and I had revealed to you that ‘your suffering is your treasure’. God wants to forge an alliance with you that Satan won’t dare to challenge. Surrender to Me and I will guide you in your mission.”

Yes, the Counselor has guided me. First, he wanted me to write about Him and the Holy Spirit’s Gifts and Fruits. Then, He wanted me to become an instrument in the preparation of Mankind for Christ’s Second Coming.  Brethren, Christians should be flocking churches, but instead they are deserting them, and therefore flaring the Heavenly Father’s wrath and risking His chastisements. Wake up and GO TO CHURCH! immediately.

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