Election of Pope Peter II


“After the Three Days of Darkness, St. Peter and St. Paul, having come down from Heaven, will preach in the whole world and designate a new Pope. A great light will flash from their bodies and will settle upon the cardinal who is to become Pope. Christianity, then, will spread throughout the world. He is the Holy Pontiff, chosen by God to withstand the storm, Pope Peter II.  At the end, he will have the gift of miracles, and his name shall be praised over the whole earth. Whole nations will come back to the Church and the face of the earth will be renewed. Russia, England, and China will come into the Church.”

This is a Prophecy of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, 1769-1837, who was beatified by Benedict XV in 1920.  She was born in Italy, on May 29, 1769 and died in Rome, on June 9, 1837.  From the time she was 20 years old, until she died at the age of 63, she was accompanied by a mysterious light in which she saw past, present and future events … some relating to struggles among nations and some relating to individual souls.

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