Tagging is the practice of generating keywords to classify and describe online content for users. For instance, Divine Call is a keyword or a tag I created to classify all articles of the blog that comprise my call to serve the Holy Spirit.

The tag has different spellings in the four principal languages of the blog, but the tag “Bible” has identical spelling in both English and French, and the tag “Fatima” is common to all main idioms. The reader then distinguishes articles by language when there is tag commonality.

Linked Articles, Retrieval of Articles in English and Tagging have the tag “Navigation” because the three articles are aids to blog navigation. Tagging is a precious aid to advanced readers because it integrates articles, and facilitates retrieval, reading and interpretation of articles.

I recommend to new readers of the blog the article Divine Call, which presents the motivation to write the blog, and then click individually on the five hyperlinks of the article to retrieve thematic essays of the Divine Call.

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