Ban Halloween America


Halloween is nothing but an innocent feast based on sweets, pranks, and carnival for unbelievers of Satanic influence … but there is much more.  The Greater Church of Lucifer in the city of Old Town Spring, about thirty kilometers to the north of Houston, in US, was inaugurated on October 31, 2015. The Church, one of the most preeminent American satanic sects, announced the inauguration on its site, with many thanks to the supporters of the event. It seems that may people are seeking Hell!  The goal of the church of Lucifer is to create “a new era for humanity’s progress without the slavery of dogmatic thought.” God is just a myth, and we are the gods and the goddesses of our lives.

The night of the witches is an exceptional occasion for darkness to conquer the world. Satan uses deception to trap its victims in a joyous feast of monsters, rites, blood and occult.  Halloween is more than a market mass which penetrates schools and families. Cristina Vidal, a former occultist and Satanist of American origin, claims that on Halloween victims are sacrificed by removing their heart which is consumed by those present, then their body is cremated and thrown into the sea. She mentions that the victims are mostly children, in the most desperate places of South America, and the Satanists are influential people.

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