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Just as the Fatima Apparitions occurred at the closing stages of World War I, other significant apparitions occurred at the ending of World War II in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Those apparitions had even more to say about the future of international politics than those at Fatima and were given by the Blessed Mother in some 56 appearances to a humble Dutch woman from 1945 to 1959.

The Eternal Mother visited Fatima in 1917 and warned about World War II if the Humanity did not convert to God. The Vatican recognized the Fatima Apparitions in 1948 after the end of WWII. I wonder if the Vatican recognition had occurred earlier it might have mitigated the horrors of the big war …

The Blessed Mother in the Amsterdam Apparitions called herself The Lady of All Nations and warned of a coming age of “degeneration, disaster, and war.”  But she offered help if Catholics would petition the Holy Father to proclaim the fifth and final Marian dogma with Mary as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.  The dogma would bring about a descent of the Holy Spirit in a fashion akin to the Pentecost and the founding of the Holy Catholic Church.

It is clear then that the recognition of the Blessed Mother as advocate, mediatrix, and co-redemptrix, has a long tradition in the Church. The petitioning of the Holy Father for the declaration of dogma is a Church tradition.  Petition drives are manifestations of the common consensus of the faithful in encouraging the Holy Father to a particular course of action which the faithful discern to be for the good of the Church. Authentic Catholic petition drives must be a request of something that conforms to the faith and moral teachings of the Church and must be submitted with an unconditional obedience to the ultimate discernment and decision of the Vicar of Christ.

The Fifth Marian Dogma is The Church’s Unused Weapon in the Apocalypse and we should seek it because gloom and doom for the Roman Catholic Church is on the horizon. The Antichrist is already in the world, though we have not recognized him yet, inspiring the forces of darkness, and evil is raging in the world. I would suggest that each Catholic parish in the world presented a petition of their parishioners to the diocesan bishop to be sent to the Holy Father. For uniformity, each diocese office would prepare a petition formula and supply a copy to each parish under the diocesan jurisdiction. Seize the protection of Mary and the Holy Spirit in the most outrageous epoch of the world!

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  1. Stephen Phelan says:

    “… Petrus Romanus, the future Pope Peter II…” Explain, please?

    • Please read articles of my blog that include Petrus Romanus or Pope Peter II in their titles. Pope Peter II will enact The Fifth Marian Dogma if it has been enacted before. Remember that Our Lady of Fatima said that “in the end My Heart Will Triumph.” She is grooming Petrus Romanus to be the last pope of the Catholic Church and implement the Marian agenda.

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