Masonry in the Catholic Church


Message of Our Lady of Anguera 10-12-97

Dear children, I am the Mother and Queen of Brazil. I want all brazilians to live turned to the Redeemer of the world and that this nation be always a land of the Holy Cross. Here in your nation my adversary has managed to seduce a great number of persons into error. I ask you to be docil to My words. I want to help you, but what I can do depends on you. Also, I ask you to intensify your prayers for the Church of My Son, for the action of the devil will lead a great number of consecrated souls to deny true doctrine. The evil action of masonry has managed to penetrate into the very interior of the Church, leading many of my beloved sons into error. Pray. Only prayer can change this sad situation. Apparently things are going well, but this is not so. What is about to happen pains My Heart greatly. Jesus is very sad, for as in the beginning of His public mission, His own people became contaminated with evil. I ask of you; pray, pray, pray. Whoever is with Me will attain victory. This is the message that I transmit to you in the name of The Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite you here once more. I bless you in the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit. Amen. Stay in peace.

 Message of Our Lady of Anguera 04-16-88

Dear children, Masonry, with its deceiving tatics, works in hidden ways to destroy my church. Know, my sons, that there is no salvation for those who take part in masonry, for they are followers of Lúcifer. Persons who desire salvation will gain it by serving only God, and not by serving God and the devil. Stay in peace.

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  1. anthony kiu kee hin says:

    Brother Pedro Regis, I think I’ve been cursed by mystic. Please pray for me and help me.

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