The Four Signs


Imagine Catholic children intentionally coached with The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic: Prayer, Study, Generosity and Evangelization. “Be Bold, Be Catholic,” is the motto of the Dynamic Catholic Institute. The Catholic Church needs a great vision for our times, such as The Four Signs, because “Where there is no vision, the people will perish.”  (Proverbs 29:18)  If we asked today to all 77 million Catholics in America for a brief description of the Catholic Church’s mission we would get a long array of diversified answers, which proves that our mission is frightfully undefined.

There have been very dynamic periods in the history of the Catholic Church when it was intentionally focused. The period 33-150, the experience of the Apostolic Church, was the most dynamic and its legacy involves the experience of faith in the risen Christ. The great influx of new Christians during Constantine’s reign in the 4th century led to the rise of monasticism.  In the early Middle Age, the development and rapid growth of monastic communities caused dynamic Church growth and provided the foundation of Western Civilization.  The 13th century is the pinnacle of Western Christianity.  The Counter-Reformation was quite dynamic with the institutional organizations challenging the status quo … it is time for another great and dynamic period in Catholic history.

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