America’s Long Decline


In the early 1960’s America began to ban prayer and the reading of Scripture from its public schools. The rulings were symptoms of raging Apostasy.  A decade of tumult and chaos ensued, and the nation moved with increasing speed away from God and His Ways.

A watershed in spirituality – morals and ethics – occurred on January 22, 1973, when the US Supreme court legalized abortion. America has killed millions and brought the judgment of God upon the nation.

The stock market had reached its peak earlier in the month and began a long decline of 48% till the autumn of 1974. The financial collapse combined with a severe economic recession.  Financial and economic collapses grew in intensity and consistency since 1973.

The military fortunes of America began to change in Vietnam in the 1960’s to culminate on August 15, 1973 with its most traumatic military defeat, 28 years after America’s zenith of power on August 15, 1945.

America must urgently turn to God … America, GO TO CHURCH!

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