ID Microchip


The United Nations (UN) plans that by 2030, each person will hold a biometric identification valid worldwide. Personal information will be stored in a universal database in Geneva, Switzerland.  The arrangement is aimed at all world governments to mandate the “Universal Biometric Identification” card to its citizens. The program is a model for the New World Order.

The United Nations has implemented this project among refugees arriving in Europe. The system collects facial, iris, and fingerprint biometrics, creating the only official documentation for refugees to allow effective monitoring.

Authorities expect the technology available for every human by 2030. The expectation may prove unfeasible because the world we know may terminate before 2030 or the project couldn’t reach its payback period.  World War III may commence in 2017 and Christ’s Second Coming will occur seven years after the war termination.

The World Bank launched the initiative working with the UN and other institutions for the “legal identity” in everyone’s hands. The aim is to ensure legal and unique identity, enabling services based on digital IDs for all.

“What would happen if someone refuses this new system of legal identification?  He or she could not get a job, open a new bank account, apply for a credit card, qualify for a mortgage, receive any form of payment from the government… Anyone refusing an ‘universal ID’ would become an outcast,” said Michael Snyder.

“The elite wants everyone ‘in the system’ controlled and manipulated for the elite’s own purposes. That’s one of the reasons you are discouraged the use of cash around the world,” concluded Snyder.

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