The World Trade Center


The Bible cites several signs of God’s favor to a nation, such as economic prosperity, military power and victory. America, the undisputed center of world trade, planned in 1945 to build a World Trade center to embody the American economic and financial successes.  The plan became a reality on April 4, 1973.

A nation founded and blessed by God tragically turned against Him with the legalization of abortion on January 22, 1973. Israel was brought into Judgment and destroyed in 586 BC for a similar sin of violence against its children.

America suffered its first military defeat in modern history in Vietnam on August 15, 1973, and in the same year began America’s Long Decline which would combine a long term financial collapse with one of the most severe economic recessions in American history.

The World Trade Center was the monument that crowned in 1973 America’s global supremacy, and was also the monument of a nation’s fall marking the year America began legally killing its defenseless unborn children. The World Trade Center was destroyed on September 11, 2001, on the most horrific attack on America.

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