Wake up Youth


“See what is taking place in your world! Your leaders, many of them have signed agreements with the poison of their pen for your destruction. You are being seduced into darkness and you fail to recognize its evil depths. You can see how perverse so many are becoming… you can see in so many a sickness of mind which is beyond any realization of the destruction of their souls through their bodies’ behavior. The youth have become so confused even of their identity. They search for their personal identity but find only confusion through drugs, alcohol, sex and depravity in mind and body. Love is no longer found in so many hearts, especially in the hearts of the youth of the world.”

“I desire My people to turn away from sin. Receive My call to life in Me. Receive My life and light, then you will find your way to peace and your hearts will once again experience love.”

“Many leaders have signed documents to destroy many of you; it is all in the plan of him who is the Antichrist, living among you.”

“There are many evil spirits raised up and hailed high. Many people have become one with evil and darkness – even those you think are good. There is little goodness in your world but lawlessness is spreading like a virus that is full of poison.”



I have pasted above some excerpts of the article whose link is shown in blue.

Christ is clearly addressing the Apocalyptical Youth which The Antichrist is making an epically attempting to conquer. Yes, our Youth, the Antichrist is already on earth and is desperate to alienate and annihilate you into Hell at Christ’s Second Coming.

Christ, the King of the Universe, is alerting our Youth about contemporary evil and is opening His arms to lead them away from Hell and into Heaven. Jesus wants every young man and woman to have their names written in the Book of Life so that His angles may take them at His Second Coming.


“Do not be alarmed; everything that you are going to see in the sky is part of the plan that God has to begin his New Creation. The men of science of your world will marvel at the celestial phenomena they will witness and many will praise the greatness of the Creator. Others, on the other hand, will say that everything is normal and that it is part of the evolution of the Earth through the so-called big bang phenomenon that, according to them, gave rise to the universe. But you, My people, you know that all these are signs that announce my anticipated return.”



The last excerpt belongs to the article whose link is just below the excerpt.

Christ is announcing His anticipated return due to pervasive, excessive evil on Earth. Youth, embrace your savior without delay through Conversion, Penance and Prayer in  anticipation of Christ’s Second Coming which is very nigh…  GO TO CHURCH!

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