Warning Casualties


This is an extract of The Warning with two highlighted clauses for our reflection.

  • Our sins will be shown to us and this will make us feel tremendous sorrow and shame when they are revealed to us.
  • Others will be so sickened and shocked by the way in which their sins will be revealed that they will drop dead before they have a chance to ask for forgiveness.
  • Everyone will see the state of their soul before God – the good they have done in their lives, the grief they have inflicted on others and all that which they failed to do. Many people will fall down and cry tears of relief.  Tears of joy and happiness.  Tears of wonder and love.
  • For, at last, it will be possible to live a new life thereafter when we know the full truth.
  • Jesus is now asking everyone to pray for those souls who will die of shock who may be in mortal sin.  Everyone needs to prepare now.  Jesus asks that all ask for the forgiveness of their sins in advance of The Warning.


The Warning is a manifestation of God’s love and mercy for Humanity to attain salvation. While there is life there is hope of salvation, but this hope will vanish if during The Warning someone gets shocked and drops dead in mortal sin. The person would fall into Hell.  The Warning is imminent and Jesus asks us to pray for those souls who would die of shock and in mortal sin.

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