Battle against Lucifer


Prepare for calamities unlike anything witnessed before, for I your God will not protect you now, sinful America. You have removed yourselves from My protection and want nothing to do with Me, your Creator. You side with darkness and evil, and darkness and evil will play its hand against you. … Conversion of hardened hearts, penance and repentance are required and until then you will have exactly what you want. … I am not the cause of the hardships to come … I have removed My protection, because that is your nation’s choice. … Where I show mercy, the lost, rebellious children show hatred. When I show patience, they show intolerance, greed, avarice and lust.  Now, they will fend for themselves as their greed, sinfulness, pride and malice is turned on them. … The chain of events cannot be stopped now … Prepare with haste for the time has now begun. Pray, fast and receive the sacraments now while they are still available. … I do not condemn you. You condemn yourselves.  That is all I will say today on this matter. The borrowed time you were living on, a gift from Me to My Holy Mother Mary, has expired. … Be in a state of prayer and readiness for what is to come … Remain close to My Mother’s Heart and close to My Sacred Heart and I will direct you. You will hear Me in your heart, provided you remain in a state of grace. Frequent the sacraments. For those who are not fasting as My Mother has asked, begin right away. With prayer and fasting, and in a state of grace, you will know what you are to do to preserve your life and the lives of your family members. … Trust in Me, your Jesus, and follow where I lead you. … Reflect on St. Joseph, My Mother’s and My flight into Egypt. The Holy Family left in the middle of the night at a moment’s notice and fled into the wilderness. You, My children will do the same. Be prepared. … Listen now, My children. I do not tell you these words to create panic, for I am order. I am peace. I am truth. I am love, and it is from this love that I give you My words. It is not My will that anyone should perish. It is the will of the enemy that all perish. If you follow Me, you will not perish, but have everlasting life in My kingdom. … “


What kind of America do our elected officials in Washington DC want:  a Satanic America or a Holy America?  The officials can create laws that will generate our national destiny.

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