Dear English Brethren


May the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Mother comfort and rescue you in your deep tribulation …

You will seek the pews of your churches in the days ahead as you bury your dead and seek closure for your broken hearts.  In America, we have done the same in the aftermath of September 11, 2001.  I ask the Holy Spirit to give you Knowledge and Wisdom to kneel and sit on the pews in the years to come, contrary to us Americans who have abandoned the pews short after the worst attack in our territory.

Free yourselves from the chains of EVIL Secularism, because it is threatening your spiritual lives.  Realize that when some brain trusts think and write they endanger the world.  Your capital London is the City of Dreams…  Let Light prevail over Darkness in England in The End Times.

I have written in English the article Catholic Funeral Mass as a token of solidarity.  Be strong in a world enslaved by sin, and peace will come to you.  May Heaven bless you!

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