The New Era


The article New Heaven and New Earth gives us a glimpse of The New Era.  The following is a succinct and eloquent excerpt of a long message of the Blessed Mother to a preeminent seer on May 18, 1994. The excerpt comprises the life of the saints in The New Era.


“Life as you know it will be no more! A new life will be given to mankind – one that existed before the fall of man. There is much for you, My sweet children, to learn and understand and it is only with true obedience to the Will of God that you will understand the Desires of the Eternal Father. The Ark of Salvation is ready to receive Her children and to take Her children into the Promised Land. Prepare yourselves, My sweet children, with all that We have given you. Each day should be a day of preparation – just as a soul who knows that it will die soon prepares in life to meet its Maker. Likewise, My children of the Light must do the same. Live for God, My sweet children, not for yourselves or for the world, because the world will soon be no more as you know it and understand it. Believe Me, My sweet children, if you could know what God has prepared for those who love Him you would lay down your lives – even at this moment! Therefore, be encouraged and be strong, because God has chosen you out of countless souls to be the light of the world.”

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