The Transitional Current Period


We are living in momentous times amidst the changing of the old to The New Era, and this article is published with the intention to alert and caution society to the transition. The seekers of God are urged to commence or strengthen their spiritual practice amid an era very conducive for spiritual growth. With intense spiritual practice, seekers have the power to protect themselves and to lessen the intensity of World War III. The granting of the visa to live in the Divine Kingdom is determined by the potential one has for Spiritual Growth. God should feel that an individual is worth saving and this can only happen if the person demonstrates the potential to undertake spiritual practice and become a seeker of God.

It is a war of good versus evil, a battle between spiritual purity versus spiritual impurity ―The Great Spiritual War ― the war will spiritually cleansing the world.

There will be a New Heaven and New Earth, and an era ― the Divine Kingdom ― when humanity will enjoy a thousand years of peace and Righteousness.  The current period is very significant because the entire universe will experience the impact of this spiritual battle. The current times are also highly conducive for spiritual practice to attain a visa to the New Heaven or to the Divine Kingdom on Earth.

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