Igrejas Subterrâneas na China


Por que há Piedade contagiosa nas igrejas subterrâneas na China e Apostasia generalizada no mundo livre? Há orgulho abundante no Ocidente e Humildade profunda Humildade nessas igrejas.  Pobreza de Espírito e Pobres de Espírito significam:

1. Uma compreensão radical da dependência em Deus.

2. Acompanha frequentemente a pobreza material.

3. As limitações inerentes que cada pessoa enfrenta diariamente.

4. O reconhecimento de que temos controle limitado sobre as nossas vidas.

5. A aceitação do desapontamento, dor, sofrimento e morte.

6. Uma confiança fundamental em Deus.

7. Primordial na vida espiritual.


Há multidões de jovens nas igrejas perseguidas e escassez em igrejas livres ― um paradoxo religioso. Karl Marx escreveu que a religião é o ópio do povo. Estão aqueles adoradores Chineses em drogas? Com o devido respeito ao filósofo Karl Marx, acho que os adoradores estão cheios do Espírito Santo e a apostasia é o ópio do povo. O Espírito Santo fortalece-nos e leva-nos ao Céu e a Apostasia escraviza-nos e leva-nos ao Inferno. Consulte o Pacote dos Dons.

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Great Prophetic Word


I’m stunned after watching the phenomenal video of this article!  Hence, I’m just succinctly presenting the political backdrop of the contemporary Israel-Palestinian conflict.


Israel is the world’s only Jewish state, and it controls Palestine whose Arab Muslim population wants to establish the state of Palestine on all or part of the same land. The conflict is about ownership and control of the land.

The current political conflict began in the early 20th century. Jews fleeing persecution in Europe wanted to establish a national homeland in an Arab and Muslim majority territory of the British Empire. The Arabs resisted and early United Nations plan to give each group part of the land failed, and Israel and the surrounding Arab nations fought over the territory. It largely reflects the outcomes of the 1948 and 1967 wars.

The 1967 war is particularly important for today’s conflict, because it left Israel in control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, two territories with large Palestinian populations. Israel captured, among other territories, the Gaza Strip from Egypt and the West Bank from Jordan, including East Jerusalem. Israel asserted sovereignty over the entire city of Jerusalem and the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem were given a permanent resident status in Israel. The status of the city as Israel’s capital and the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip created a new set of contentions.

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Vidéo sur Garabandal


La vidéo est une bande-annonce officielle du premier film sur les apparitions de la Vierge Marie à Garabandal, en Espagne. Père Valentin, le prêtre du village, et Juan Alvarez Seco, le brigadier de la Garde civile, se retrouvent soudain immergés dans une série d’événements indépendants de leur volonté.


Je fus ravi de connaître le premier film de l’apparition de la Vierge à Garabandal, en Espagne. “Utilisez la technologie de ce monde et la mettez au service du Ciel, afin d’à travers elle, vous évangélisez tous ces enfants qui ne savent pas, et qui n’ont aucune idée de l’arrivée de l’Avertissement”, a déclaré le Père Céleste à un mystique le 27 Novembre 2017.  Consultez l’article Avertissement du Père.

L’Esprit Saint m’a guidé, un Messager de l’Esprit Esprit pour la Fin des Temps, dans le développement du Forfait de l’Avertissement ― primordial pour transmettre l’Avertissement ― un déversement suprême de Miséricorde et de Grâce à l’Humanité. J’ai récemment écrit l’article Méfiez-vous de l’Avertissement ― une compilation de quatre paquets: Forfait de l’Évangile, Forfait de la Miséricorde, Forfait de Soeur Faustine et Forfait de l’Avertissement ― pour aider le Corps Mystique du Christ dans la préparation de L’Illumination de la Conscience coïncidant avec L’Avertissement.

Un film saisonnier sur Garabandal, disponible en salles en Février 2018, serait un inestimable instrument d’évangélisation ― un moyen vital de servir simultanément le Ciel et la Terre.

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Mary and Human Woes


It follows the message given by our Holy Mother to the Little Pebble on December 8, 2017, The Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

I abstain from commentary, encourage you to read the full message, and abstain from commentary.  The message is transcendental, addresses a few countries, and stresses apocalyptical events including the Warning and the Illumination of Conscience.


OUR LADY: “I greet you, My beloved son, precious ‘jewel’ of My Crown. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. “I am the Immaculate Conception – for no sin was found in My Conception nor carnal knowledge, for God who is Mighty has done great things for Me and My Parents. Original Sin never stained My Soul and through this little Handmaiden, the head of the serpent will be crushed and the Church of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, will triumph and peace will rule the world very, very soon.”

“My child and My children, the hour draws near when mankind will see their God face-to-face within their conscience. The Planets are aligned – the Stars are in their place and within moments the Heavens will open, so that man will see beyond and be able to witness the Sign of the Son of Man, which bought man’s salvation.”

“Sin has now become a way of life, where men think little of what they do wrong, as they believe they are invincible. Men have become cold and their hearts have become as stone. Therefore, dear child, God needs to cleanse the Earth, as He did in Noah’s day – but this time, not only with water but with fire. The flames will soon be seen by the naked eye, as it comes from beyond your Moon and close to the Sun.”

“What more can your Mother do, but travel the world warning Our wayward children, who believe sin exists no more and the Ten Commandments are no longer needed, as men are enlightened.

“The enemies of Israel will surround Israel and war will come and enslave God’s Chosen People of Old. Will the great countries of the Americas and others come to her aid? I say ‘No’ – because much will happen to prevent them from doing so.”

“O California, which has drunk the sin of the flesh and spread its sickness all over the world, through cinematography – a gift from God, yet trodden into the earth – will now drink the bitter waters that will engulf its shores. I, as your Mother, do not bring news of great joy, because you have pushed My Divine Son away and replaced Him with self.”

“Move away from your Coastal Cities while you still have time, because the hour will strike soon.”

“Children of the world – you must reflect upon your lives and think seriously of the moments when God can call you any day. Pray children, pray – cleanse your souls in Holy Confession now, not later.”

“O people of Japan, the mountain will soon awaken and parts of your land will sink. You still have not embraced My Divine Son, Jesus – it is time.”

“And to the Land of the Holy Spirit, Australia – you have become an arid land where only vermin – insects, snakes and scorpions live. You have thrown away your inheritance and become worshipers of yourselves. You are those souls, where the good seed was thrown on thorny places, where the good seed and the bad seed were growing together, but the cares of the world choked you and only thorny shrubs and thistles [now] grow. You will now feel the fires and great tremors that will loosen your lands, where buildings will topple into the sea and pestilence will enter your land, to eat away the crops that were sown.”

“My children pray, for the Master is coming to ask you what you have done with the talents He gave you. My Heart is broken, My children, as I see so many Graces lost, due to greed and avarice.

As My Divine Son Jesus said: Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all will be given to you”

“I Love you so much, dear children and I constantly plead for you. Pray, dear children, that this Christmas will be a peaceful one, as the Evil One wishes to destroy this. Remember well Who was Born at this time – The Prince of Peace. I Love you so much! Watch Rome as a Great Evil is to be perpetrated there.”

“My beloved son, William, do you remember this ‘Coat of Many Colours’ – it was given to you by One of Ancient Times. It has great meaning. I give it to you once again as My Gift to you this Christmas of many meanings.”

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Filme Sobre Garbandal


O video é um trailer oficial do primeiro filme sobre as aparições da Virgem Maria em Garabandal, na Espanha. O Reverendo Valentin, o padre da aldeia, e Juan Alvarez Seco, o brigadeiro da Guarda Civil, de repente encontram-se imersos numa série de eventos além dos seus controles.


Fiquei encantado quando tomei conhecimento sobre o primeiro filme da aparição da Santíssima Mãe em Garabandal, na Espanha. ” Usem a tecnologia presente ao serviço do Céu, para evangelizar todos os filhos que não conhecem e não têm ideia da ocorrência do Aviso”, afirmou o Pai Celestial para uma mística em 27 de Novembro de 2017. Consulte o artigo Aviso do Pai.

O Espírito Santo orientou-me, um Mensageiro do Espírito Santo para o Fim dos Tempos, no desenvolvimento do Pacote do Aviso ― primordial para transmitir o Aviso ― uma efusão suprema de Misericórdia e Graça para a Humanidade. Escrevi recentemente o artigo Cuidado com o Aviso ― uma compilação de quatro pacotes: Pacote do Evangelho, Pacote da Misericórdia, Pacote da Irmã Faustina e Pacote do Aviso ― para ajudar o Corpo Místico de Cristo na preparação para a Iluminação da Consciência a ocorrer em conjunto com o Aviso.

Um filme oportuno sobre Garabandal, a estrear nos cinemas em Fevereiro de 2018, seria um inestimável instrumento de evangelização ― um meio vital para servir simultaneamente o Céu e a Terra.

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Película sobre Garabandal


El video es un tráiler oficial de la primera película sobre las apariciones de la Virgen María en Garabandal, España. P. Valentin, el padre del pueblo, y Juan Alvarez Seco, el brigadier de la Guardia Civil, de repente se encuentran inmersos en una serie de eventos que escapan a su control.


Estuve encantado de conocer la primera película de la aparición de la Santísima Madre en Garabandal, España. “Aprovecha la tecnología de este mundo y ponla al servicio del Cielo, para que a través de ella, evangelices a todos los niños que no conocen, y que no tienen idea de la llegada del Aviso”, dijo el Padre Celestial a un místico el 27 de Noviembre de 2017. Consulte el artículo Advertencia del Padre.

El Espíritu Santo me ha guiado,  un Mensajero del Espíritu Santo para el Fin de los Tiempos, en el desarrollo del Paquete de la Advertencia, uno de mis principales paquetes. Es primordial para transmitir El Aviso ― una efusión suprema de Misericordia y Gracia para la Humanidad. Recientemente escribí el artículo Cuidado con la advertencia, una compilación de cuatro paquetes: Paquete del Evangelio, Paquete de la Misericordia, Paquete de Sor Faustina y Paquete de la Advertencia, para ayudar al Cuerpo Místico de Cristo en la preparación de La Iluminación de la Conciencia que se realiza conjuntamente con La Advertencia.

Una película estacional sobre Garabandal, disponible en los cines en Febrero de 2018, será un valioso instrumento de evangelización ― un medio vital para servir simultáneamente al Cielo y la Tierra.

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Movie About Garabandal


The video is an official Trailer of the first movie about the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Garabandal, Spain. Fr. Valentin, the village priest, and Juan Alvarez Seco, the Civil Guard brigadier, suddenly find themselves immersed in a series of events beyond their control.


I was delighted to know about the first movie of the apparition of the Blessed Mother in Garabandal, Spain.  “Take advantage of the technology of this world and put it at the service of Heaven, so that through it, you evangelize all those children who do not know, and who have no idea of the arrival of the Warning,” said the Heavenly Father to a mystic on November 27, 2017.  Consult the article Father’s Warning.

The Holy Spirit has guided me, a Messenger of the Holy Spirit for The End Times, in the  development of the Warning Package ― paramount to convey the Warning ― a supreme outpouring of Mercy and Grace to Humanity.  I have recently written the article Beware of the Warning ― a compilation of four packages: Gospel Package, Mercy Package, Sister Faustina Package and Warning Package ― to assist the Mystic Body of Christ in the preparation for The Illumination of Conscience occurring jointly with The Warning.

A seasonal movie about Garabandal, available in theatres on February 2018, would be an invaluable evangelization instrument ― a vital medium to serve simultaneously Heaven and Earth.

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