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Satanism in America

  Tuesday July 4, 2017: (Independence Day) Jesus said: “My people, there are occult meetings going on where humans and animals are sacrificed to Satan in a black mass. You may not see this evil going on, and it is … Continue reading

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Battle against Lucifer

  Prepare for calamities unlike anything witnessed before, for I your God will not protect you now, sinful America. You have removed yourselves from My protection and want nothing to do with Me, your Creator. You side with darkness and … Continue reading

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Satan: le Maître du Mal

  Le défunt Père Gabriele Amorth, le chef exorciste de Rome, a remarqué qu’un nombre croissant de jeunes sont sous l’influence du mal. Le prêtre a lutté une grande bataille entre le bien et le mal en exécutant 70.000 exorcismes … Continue reading

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Growing Satanic Activity

  The following are excerpts of an article published on The Daily Beast by Barbie Latza on March 19, 2017. ______________________________________________________________ On Friday, in an address to a group of priests at a Vatican workshop meant to bolster the skillset … Continue reading

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Conozca las Estrategias Satánicas

  Este es un extracto de un mensaje dado por la Santísima Virgen a Luz de María el 3 de Enero de 2017. ______________________________________________________________ Hijos, tienen que conocer al enemigo del alma, para que no sean presa de sus maquinaciones. … Continue reading

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Know Satanic Strategies

  This is an extract of a message given by the Blessed Mother to Luz de Maria on January 3, 2017. ______________________________________________________________ Children, you must know the enemy of the soul, so that you are not to be prey of … Continue reading

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Satanic Prey

  The Antichrist has many thousands of devout disciples and as Christ’s Second Coming draws near, many cults will rise to honor Satan. His really wicked intentions against any child of God are disguised, and the Antichrist will present himself charming … Continue reading

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